l4bNhsoU33shkauICjBcJuQ5S5HPbY6y9E9guGYJa_A,YL-bvQmCeb1dK8EfCmXUAmIc5qAhQpuyUffNq9qw4G0If you are unfamiliar with clinical trials and the role they play in modern healthcare, you probably have a lot of questions. By participating in a clinical trial, you will have the opportunity to help advance medical science. Clinical trials may potentially give participants access to investigational medicines that are not available to the general public.

As a participant, you also gain access to medical care administered by carefully selected experts that include board-certified physicians and licensed nurses. Typically, a study will only have a small number of participants enrolled at any given time, so each participant receives high levels of attention and care.

Joining a clinical trial opens up opportunities for all patients stricken with a particular medical condition. Participants interested in helping others like themselves can take solace in knowing that by joining a clinical trial others will benefit in the future.


By their very nature, clinical trials carry a certain amount of risk. This risk varies from trial to trial. Prospective participants should ask as many questions as possible about the potential risks of any clinical trial.

Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about what it is like to participate in one of our clinical trials. To learn more about the risks of participating in clinical trials, optimedresearch.com/risks.

Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria

Inclusion and exclusion criteria help researchers at Optimed Research, LTD. find the most suitable candidates to participate in clinical trials in Columbus, Ohio. Every clinical study requires that researchers establish and adhere to research protocols (i.e. a specific set of standards) in order to yield the best results for participants, researchers and sponsors. Participants cannot join a clinical study without satisfying a study’s inclusion and exclusion criteria first.